For Clients

For potential clients

If you are meeting with us for your free initial consultation we want to make the most of our time. We don’t want to spend the entire consultation asking basic questions about your assets and debts. We want to be able to educate you on how bankruptcy would work for you using your specific debts and assets.  In order for us to make the best use of our time, we ask that you fill out the initial questionnaire and either email it to us prior to your consultation or bring it with you to your in-person meeting. We will also need you to sign our Free Consultation Agreement and provide that to us with your questionnaire. The following Bankruptcy Client Questionnaire is a PDF fillable form for your convenience. In order to type your answers in, you must first SAVE the .pdf file to your computer, close it and reopen it. You may then click on highlight fields to make it easier for you to tab to each answer. You may also print and handwrite your answers.

For Clients

After you have fully retained us you will be provided with a link to an online questionnaire as well as a link to take the pre-filing or Consumer Credit Counseling Class. However, in addition to the online questionnaire, you will also need to provide additional documentation to your attorney. We will use an online portal to keep all of your documents safe and secure. You can also drop off documents at the office. If it is after hours or no one is there, you may slip the required documentation through the mail slot or your may schedule an appointment to drop your documents off below.  

Please include the following:

  • Bank statements for all accounts with your name on them for the past 6 months (this includes minor accounts)
  •  Bank statements for any other type of account for the past 6 months Ex: paypal, venmo
  • Paystubs for the last 7 months
  • Proof of any additional income from social security, disability, unemployment, child support, online sales, etc.
  • If you are Self-Employed: P&Ls for the past 6 months (Breakdown of business income and expenses)
  • Income Tax Returns for past 2 years
  • Retirement account statement(s)
  • Mortgage statement(s)
  •  Credit card statements and unpaid bills
  • Collection letters
  • Student loan statement(s)
  •  Car loan or lease statement(s)
  • Vehicle appraisal(s) if there is anything customized about your vehicle
  •  Vehicle insurance policy(ies)
  •  Vehicle Title(s) or registration for all vehicles in your name
  •  Copies of any stocks or bonds
  •  Divorce decree and property settlement or support order
  •  Documents regarding any workman’s compensation or personal injury claim
  •  Educational IRAs or state-qualified tuition plans
  • Copies of any pending lawsuits – wage garnishments/assignments, collections, etc.
  • Judgments- either those you have against others or those against you
  •  Homeowners insurance policy (declaration page)
  •  Lease or rental agreement(s), including any eviction notices
  •  Personal property list
  •  Real estate appraisal or market analysis
  •  Real estate deed(s) or title policy
  •  Real estate tax bill
  •  Term life insurance (declaration page)
  •  Whole life insurance (premiums, cash value, and death benefit)7